Is PRISM a Substitute for Big Brother?

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The United States appears to be working overtime when it comes to government surveillance since they have devised a system of observation known as PRISM. The National Security Agency surreptitiously built this system, which appears to have extremely broad and strong applications for monitoring the activities of individuals throughout the country. While many people remain perplexed as to how it works, examining what it accomplishes may reveal some of the theories about how it works.

One of the big worries about this type of technology is that it would be excessively all-knowing and would violate a large number of American individuals' civil rights just by existing. There are several reasons for the government to desire to know what will happen. Terrorism and state security are the primary reasons the government would assert the necessity to monitor non-critical personal information. According to some, the PRISM program is capable of monitoring all search engines and, more importantly, the personal information you and I enter. Therefore, whether you use the internet to sign up for anything or make a transaction, the theory is that the government is also keeping track of everything.

It's tough to conceive that PRISM could conceivably have access to every bit of non-descript information that has ever become available; for example, they don't care if you pay your phone bill or purchase a sky diving book on Amazon. Nonetheless, it appears as though they have the ability to obtain an individual's information if the necessity arises. The fact that nobody is entirely certain how this program works or how it might work is somewhat surprising to the majority.

It cannot be contended that at this point in American history, the rights of the average American citizen are more threatened than they have ever been.

PRISM is a sign of a larger issue. That means that if the government wishes to obtain any of your personal information, they will be allowed to do so. No matter where you are, you can access your online history or even monitor your whereabouts using GPS. If you carry a cell phone, it is reasonable to presume that the government is aware of your location, what you are thinking, and what activities you are engaging in at the moment. PRISM is some sort of surveillance system that Americans should comprehend better than they do.

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